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Buyer’s Representation

Did you know a real estate agent can represent the buyer in the purchase of a house or property? Until several years ago, real estate agents represented only sellers. In Idaho, the agreement must be in writing.
If you choose to be represented as a client in a purchase, the following duties are owed to you by the Buyer’s Agent:
         1. Undivided Loyalty
         2. Obedience
         3. Reasonable Care and Diligence
         4. Confidentiality
         5. Full Disclosure 
         6. Accounting
As your Buyer’s Agent, we are committed to:
·   Counsel with you to learn your particular needs
·   Explain the purchasing process
·   Educate you so you can determine your price range and loan preferences early
·   Recommend professional, experienced lenders to assist you in choosing a financial program best suited to your needs.
·   Research homes that are for sale that match your needs
·      Monitor your purchase process as we proceed to insure that we are on track to closing
·   Communicate with you, return your phone calls, and gather requested information.
·   Present and negotiate your purchase agreement in a professional, skillful manner.
·   Follow up on your transaction during the processing stage, coordinate communication between you and the seller, loan company, escrow company, and listing agent 
·   Keep you informed of the progress of the transaction.
·   Be a reference source providing school, utilities and special services information.
·   Attend closing with you.
·   Arrange possession of your new home and coordinate between you and the seller.
·   Check back with you after closing. We want you to be a satisfied client.
Our GOAL is to create a real estate relationship with you so strong that you will refer us to your friends and business associates. We want to become your “REAL ESTATE ADVISERS FOR LIFE”!
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